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No Idea E-Liquid
No Idea E-Liquid
No Idea E-Liquid
No Idea E-Liquid
No Idea E-Liquid
No Idea E-Liquid

No Idea E-Liquid

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Please specify the nicotine level you would like (eg; 3mg) and the type of nicotine you prefer (Smooth or Regular) in the note field of the cart - All will come as 3mg if not specified (zero nic on special order request)
Regular - 3-18mg range
Smooth - 3-15mg range
You can get the Higher Strength Nic Salt Series Liquids here!

No Idea Supply Co. is a New Zealand Juice maker that strives to bring you premium flavours that go toe to toe with even the biggest international brands but at far better prices!

Cola Twist 60ml
Back when we were kids, we used to wander off down to the candy store after school, and grab as big a bag of cola bottle lollies as our meagre pocket money would allow for. We may have pocketed a few in the process. Please don’t tell our mums. we are still scared of them.
This flavor is plain and simple. Our take on cola bottle lollies that we fondly remember from our childhood. We hope it brings you as much joy and nostalgia as it does us.

Cran Orange Man Guava 60ml
Imagine a double date between four of the worlds most delicious fruits, but without the awkwardness and the promises to call.
Sweet, juicy orange, just like the neighbours tree used to have, combined with tart cranberries, ripe guava and a generous portion of mango. A master crafted cocktail, if we have ever seen one. A veritable tropical explosion, without the mess

Many Melon Medley 60ml
Ever wondered what a catapault launched melon mash might taste like? Well, now you can find out! Without the potential for injuries, of course. A healthy dose of watermelon, a drop of cantaloupe here, a splash of honeydew there, all comes together to form a sweet, yet slightly tangy, melon menagerie of madness. Mind the seeds.

Sour Blackberries 60ml
A dark and rich blend of blackberries, sour and tart as the day they came off the bush. Fragrant and loaded with flavor, this one is sure to get your taste buds tingling. All the flavor, minus the frustrations of trying to get the blackberry juice out of your shirt

Dragon Prickly Passion 60ml
Exotic dragonfruit (is there any other kind?), fresh passionfruit, and cactus flower. Zing! Quite the combination, but don’t let this scare you. An earthy, fruity blend, and definitely worth a crack if you love your tangy fruits. We have been informed this goes well with craft beers, just don’t drink it.

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