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Aisu and Zap! Juice  - Nic Salts

Aisu and Zap! Juice - Nic Salts

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10ml or 60ml bottles in 20mg or 30mg Nicotine Salt variants in the delicious flavours of Aisu ZAP! Juice.

This juice is Perfect for Quit Smoking 

Salt Nicotine is a totally different form of Nicotine that allows rapid delivery to give you the quick hit you need.
Ideally paired with Beginner devices and not recommended for larger, more powerful devices.

Zap! Juice. A UK 5x Award Winning E-Liquid Company. Established in 2016, we’re already known for our exciting fruity twists on familiar flavours, and for our dedication to bringing the best e-liquids to the vaping community. our vision is for everyone who vapes ZAP!Juice to feel that jolt. We mix and bottle our e-liquids in the heart of Manchester, in the UK

Aisu, with authenticity and clarity of flavour, recreates that classic Japanese experience, with fresh fruits and ultra cooling ice bringing you a step closer to the Orient!

Aisu, Aloe Vera: Watch the water current as you drift through the warm countryside, with sweet (and sour) scene of spring bloom and the cool touch the river. With our unique Aloe Vera flavour, it will take you on a journey.

Aisu, Pink Guava: Ascend the pink blossom tree as you inhale the sweet and tarty scent from the sweetest fruit at the top of the tree and exhale for smooth ice blast as you descend. With out authentic Pink Guava, you'll see the seasons bloom.

Aisu, Dragon Fruit: Ride on the back of the giant serpent as you taste his delicate fruit, with the cold wind filling your lungs. Traverse the skies with our authentic dragon fruit flavor.

Aisu, Blue Raspberry: Feel the cool shade of a fruiting bush, while lying on a gentle hill. As you gaze out at the passing/inspiring view that would relax any calm soul. With our authentic Blue Raspberry, you can watch the world come to you.

Aisu, Green Apple: Roam through the orchard in the bright yellow light of dawn. And relieve your sense with the fresh taste of spring. With our Green Apple, you can wander for days.

Zap!, Peach Ice Tea: Simple and Sweet. Soft peaches and loose tea leaves in a relaxing mixture, perfect for a peaceful day in the garden.

Zap!, Snow Pear: A ferocious snowstorm rages within the sweet Asian pear, just plucked from the mountains of China.

Zap!, Lychee Lemonade: Experience the tangy zest of lemonade evolving into exotic, sweet lychee.
Beautifully balanced like a gymnast on a beam.

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